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 We strive to help entrepreneurs to gain more insight on how to SAFE GUARD their investments - 360° and beyond.


Help entrepreneurs maintain and increase their investment by giving them affordable and reliable resources they can count on.



Ready to start your LLC but not sure how? We've got you covered. Not sure if you should create an LLC, SCorp, or Partnership for your new business venture? No worries, we've got you.


foundation package

  • Registration

  • Operating Agreement

  • EIN


+ State Registration Fees

executive package

  • Foundation Package +

  • Banking Resolution Document

  • Meeting Minutes Template

  • Statement of the Organizer

  • Resident Agent Assistance


+ State Registration Fees

establishment package

  • Foundation & Executive Package +

  • Name Search

  • Expedited Processing

  • Expedited Shipping & Tracking


+ State Registration Fees


After you build it, you must protect it! Let us show you how! We’ll help you take the next step in your journey by assisting you with protecting your logos, creative projects (books, songs, curriculum, etc.), company names, slogans, products, and more!




Safeguard your company, product, or service name, logos, and slogans and stay ahead of the competition. Position yourself to advocate for your rights, iron proof your brand, and stand out from your competitors! ​


You & Me

We Got you Covered

We'll take care of the paperwork (application & filing) and you'll do the rest.

We'll conduct a standard search of your mark, complete the application and filing process for the trademark, and
respond to up to TWO notices from the USPTO on your behalf.**

We’ll search your mark, take care of the paperwork, and consult with a Legal expert to respond to all challenges. If the filing is ultimately rejected, we
will file a new mark at no labor cost to the client, just the cost of the federal registration fee.***


+ $250 Federal Filing Fee*


+ $250 Federal Filing Fee*


+ $250 Federal Filing Fee*

*Covers one classification; $350 more for each additional classification

**Limited to two responses 

***RM will consult w/ a legal expert to assist with responding to Response letters. If the filing is ultimately rejected, we will file a new mark at no labor cost to the client, just the cost of the federal registration fee.



If you’re looking to safeguard your book, manuscript, song, or other creative works, copyrighting is the way to go!


+ Registration Fees


License Agreement@2x.png

Hiring speakers for your online personal development university? Creating content for someone’s platform? Using someone else’s content for your platform? Let us help you pull it together. 



RESOURCEME Bundle@2x.png

See details on what's included in the Establishment Entity Creation Package and the Moderate Trademark service above. The price below is available for a limited time only.


+ Registration Fees


I am writing to express my gratitude and wonderful experience in working with Andrew Allen & Sophy Thomas, who is a part of ResourceMe. Sophy and Andrew were both great with communication & very patient with any questions or concerns that I had. Due to their professionalism, they made establishing my first LLC, & walking into the entrepreneurship world a breeze. I would recommend their services to anyone! I also plan to utilize them again to establish my second entity. Thank you for all your time & commitment, I appreciate it!


Prior to learning about ResourceMe, I used Legalzoom to form my two companies. It was not a smooth process. I heard a lot of great things about the work LaShanna does. So I decided to go with her, and I can truly say ResourceMe is the way to go.

J Beverly

LaShanna and the team at ResourceMe played a critical role in the forming of our company, 120 Design Studio, LLC. They also trademarked our logo with the USPTO. It was a very smooth process and they took they guess work and stress out of  those steps. When it comes to entity creation and trademarking, there's no other team I trust than ResourceMe.

Marshall Fox




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Tyrus Shivers

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Limited Liability Company (LLC)?

A limited liability company, or LLC, is a business entity with both the characteristics of a corporation and a partnership. Like a corporation, the owners of an LLC are not personally liable for business debts. Like a sole proprietorship or partnership, an LLC has operating flexibility and is a pass-through entity for tax purposes. This means the LLC's profits are passed through and taxable to the owners of the LLC.

What type of documents are required to create an LLC?

In general, Articles of Organization or Formation, an operating agreement, and a filing for an EIN with the IRS are needed. ResourceMe provides these and other documents to make your transition easier.

Will I have to hold meetings for my LLC?

Short answer - No. One of the benefits of having an LLC is fewer formalities. However, if your Operating Agreement specifies that you should hold meetings, you should hold meetings. Other than that, it's not mandatory, but ResourceMe is happy to help you modify your Operating Agreement to meet your unique specifications.

Do I have to have a partner to form an LLC?

No, you don't have to have a partner to form an LLC. You can have a single-member LLC or a multi-member LLC if you have one or more partners you'd like to partner with.

How much does it cost to register an LLC?

Each state has a standard state registration fee ranging between *$50 and $850. Also, most states require an annual fee as well.

What is a Registered Agent?

All states require that LLCs have a registered agent on file with the Secretary of State. The agent may be an individual or company with a physical address located in the state of incorporation. A registered agent's role is to receive all communications as sent by the government to the business. Said agent must be 18 or older.

Can I be my own Registered Agent?

In general, you can be your own registered agent if you live in the state that you're registering your business in and are at least 18 years old at the time of filing.

How are LLCs taxed?

LLCs are typically taxed on a pass-through basis, much like general partnerships. As pass-through entities, LLCs' profits and losses are passed on to the individual owners and are reflected on the owner's personal income tax returns. Alternatively, LLCs' may elect to be taxed as S corporations to reduce the self-employment taxes imposed on the owners potentially. It should also be noted that several states impose a franchise tax, ranging from $100 to $800, on LLCs. These taxes are typically due annually and are required to ensure your business remains in compliance with the state. Failure to pay the imposed franchise tax can lead to the forfeiture of your right to conduct business in your state.

How long does the process take?

The process usually takes between 7 to 10 business days to complete. However, this approximation, like the varied fee base, is state dependant. Should the window for completion in your state prove insufficient for your business needs, most states offer expedited processing for an additional fee or fees.

Do you do consultations?

If you’re interested in a consultation, please email

Business Consultation


10% of the proceeds from resourceme will go towards the next up b.o.s.s. youth entrepreneurship program

Next Up B.O.S.S. is a youth entrepreneurship program sponsored by The School Days Foundation focused on empowering our next generation of leaders with the skills of business ownership and entrepreneurship that enable them to Build, Own, Scale, and Succeed in their own businesses.


We are committed to doing this important work particularly in underserved populations and communities by providing financial literacy and entrepreneurship education. Additionally, microgrants, mentorship, legal and financial advising is given to our Andrew Allen Entrepreneurship Grant recipients. We are dedicated to opening the door to economic empowerment for youth so we can place them on a path to prosperous futures for themselves and their communities.  To find out more and give please click the button below:

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